Fraser Edwards Guitarist. Composer. Music Producer.

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Mentalist Brigade

Mentalist Brigade is the first single from the debut Fraser Edwards album I Am God.

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Pages of Gold

The first music video from Ascension's new forthcoming album ''Under The Veil of Madness''

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Alone Lyric Video, coming soon!

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The Architect

The Architect music video coming soon!

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Bring the Rock

Music Video for Sharky Sharky's 'Bring The Rock' from the debut album Super Awesome Mega Rock


Somewhere Back in time

Somewhere Back In Time, the first single from the Ascension album Far Beyond The Stars.



Session Guitars

If you're in need of a guitarist for a tour/festival/recording session or practically any scenario, send us a message and Fraser may be able to help.

Music Production

As the owner and operator of Azura Sound, Fraser has over 10 years experience as a music producer and has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered countless projects. Check out the Azura Sound website for more information and feel free to contact us for more information.



Guitar Lessons

With over 10 years experience as a guitar teacher, Fraser is able to teach beginners, advanced students and anywhere in between. Fraser is currently working on 2 instructional guitar books, and a DVD. Lessons are available online via skype or in person at Fraser's Studio in Aberdeen, UK.




Come check out our online store where you can buy our CD's. We also have an increible amount of merchandise on the way including T Shirts, Guitar Instructional Books and DVDs, Posters, Hoodies and Calendars.

Daily Dischord:

"unfathomable technical proficiency and a real sense of enjoyment"

Planet Mosh:

"Lightning fast guitar riffs, powerful melodies and superb, sing along choruses"

Pheonix Rising:

"the lead guitars paint an awe inspiring picture in my mind and it really is truly a pleasure to listen to this album from start to finish."

Hard Rock Haven:

"Well-crafted songs, catchy rhythms, enthusiastic and energetic delivery coupled with near technical perfection"

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Fraser Edwards




Andrew Scott


Stuart Docherty

Live Keyboards

Nick Blake

Live Bass

Want to know more? | a little about us

The debut Fraser Edwards album I Am God is the product of over 9 years of hard work. A guitarist and pianist from a young age, Fraser started his musical journey as a huge fan of Elton John, and later of heavier guitar bands such as Sum 41 and Metallica, before getting into shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, and then discovering the world of power metal and immersing himself in it fully as a songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist. Not wanting his musical appetite to stagnate, he started seeking inspiration from elsewhere, such as commercial dance music acts like Cascada, Basshunter and Owl City. Not one to be swayed by trends, Fraser doesn't care what genre, or subculture music belongs to as long as it is catchy. Catchy and infectious melodies are the one constant in the Fraser Edwards musical journey and his debut album I Am God is an amalgamation of all the styles he has mastered over the years with an emphasis on melody and strong vocal hooks. Typically characterised as 'Pop Metal' or 'Dance Metal', Fraser Edwards' music is a high energy musical extravaganza, a demonstration of pure instrumental mastery and layered lyrical themes. Far from just a studio project, Fraser Edwards is ready to enter the live arena immediately with a full band line up and a huge stage show. Currently, we are looking for a label to release the debut Fraser Edwards album I Am God.

Fraser Edwards - Guitar

Fraser Edwards achieved international acclaim as one of the lead guitarists of British Power Metal band Ascension as well as being the guitarist and co-creator behind the children's rock band Sharky Sharky. In 2012 Fraser completed an honours degree in Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier Univeristy with guitar as principal study. As well as being extremely busy with his bands and as a music producer, Fraser has also played guitar for chart-toppers such as Janet Devlin and SHY & DRS amongst many others. Fraser has experience touring internationally, performing on TV and radio and working in recording studios all over the world with Grammy nominated and world renowned producers such as Andy La Roque (King Diamond, Falconer, Evergrey), Tim Debney (Lily Allen, Biffy Clyro, Iron Maiden) and Tony Lindgren (Dragonforce, Marty Friedman, Angra).

Pellek - Vocals

Per Fredrik Pellek Åsly, known as Pellek, is a Norwegian actor, composer and singer, best known in the rock and metal scene for his vocal range which spans four octaves. As well as being a YouTube vocal sensation, having over 1.5 million subscribers and nearly 200 million views, he is also a celebrity in his home country of Norway, having appeared on TV shows such as X Factor and Dancing With The Stars. As an actor Pellek has starred in various TV shows and films, recently starring in feature films with Gérard Depardieu and William Shatner.

Andrew Scott - Drums

Known for his technical skill as a drummer and international recording artist, Andrew Scott studied drums at the world renowned Berklee College Of Music. His touring duties have taken him from Edinburgh to New York City to Montréal to London, touring with Firebrand Super Rock, Quarrels, Nerrus Kor and others. His recorded discography includes work with Edinburgh heavy metal band Firebrand Super Rock, Spain's chill out queen, Kirsty Keatch and numerous other hired gun sessions in both the UK and US. He has appeared on upwards of 20 recordings and nominated for two awards, winning one at the age of 21; Best Heavy Metal Record at the Scottish New Music Awards in 2011 for Firebrand Super Rock's self titled debut record.

Stuart Docherty - Live Keyboards

Stuart Docherty is a Scottish composer and guitarist. He also has a background in brass instruments and arranging along with performance of Scottish traditional folk music. Stuart plays lead guitar in the power metal band Ascension and is also a founding member of childrens-themed rock band Sharky Sharky. Having studied a Masters in Sonic Arts at Aberdeen University he is now an independent composer and instrumentalist interested in the application of Sonic Art techniques to create contemporary vocal and guitar works . Stuart also regularly collaborates with contemporary dance choreographers and visual artists along with composing for film and video media.

Nick Blake - Live Bass

A virtuoso bassist and guitarist, most known for his work with the Power Metal band Ascension, Nick Blake studied Popular Music at Edinburgh Napier University and has toured the world extensively as a session bassist. He is also an accomplished Cornet and Trumpet player, having played in numerous musicals, operas and theatre shows across the world such as Jekyll and Hyde, Sweeney Todd and The Pirates of Penzance.

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